Welcome to THE WELCOME!

This Supermon web site is for monitoring the status of The Octane Network and its connections.
The official Dane Octane webiste can be found HERE
our partners can be found HERE

This project has been the vision of both myself "WRCS605" and Dave "WRJC557". We have came together to provide a central place where ALL GMRS and Amateur licensed users can sit back and relax.
This hub brings together all modes of communication such as Zello, HT App (android platform for RT99 or N7500), and RF users from simplex nodes and repeaters!
I also host an Allstarlink hub for licensed Amateur radio users (56231) where anyone can connect and have a private chat.

If you would like to join us via RF simplex or repeater, feel free to email
Add the zello channel HERE!
Add the Octane Network Zello channel HERE!